About Nederlingo

Nederlingo offers private Dutch language lessons for individual students and small groups, on all levels. The owner and sole employee of Nederlingo is me, Nike van Heeswijk.

My teaching method is best described as interactive and practical. It should hardly come as a surprise that the best way to learn how to communicate in Dutch is … by communicating in Dutch! And communication is a two-way street, so I will encourage you to practise your Dutch on the spot. I use a variety of interactive activities to help you build your skills step by step, including role playing exercises (reflecting real-life situations), games, and songs. It’s all about giving it a try, and not to worry about making mistakes too much. In fact, making mistakes and learning from them helps you progress. My aim is to make my lessons both effective and enjoyable. 

I usually pick a theme or grammatical topic for a lesson, and develop my own material, matching the student’s ability and preferences. However, if a student prefers to follow a (particular) textbook, I am happy to adapt. The advantage of private lessons is that the student can decide what to focus on.

Please have a look at my personal profile to find out more about my skills and experience. For information about the costs, please click here.

Why the name Nederlingo? It combines the first part of the word ‘Nederlands’ (meaning ‘the Dutch language’) and the English word ‘lingo’.