Personal Profile

My name is Nike van Heeswijk, and I am the owner and sole employee of Nederlingo.

I hold a master’s degree in Linguistics and in English, and have a strong interest in the structure of language, in particular in how it consists of building blocks on different levels, and in the rule sets that dictate how these can be combined to form larger units.

I trained as an English teacher right after obtaining my master’s degree, and I have experience as a language teacher for both English and Dutch. An avid language learner myself, I have attended many language classes in over 10 different languages, which helped me shape my own teaching method.

I also work as a (computational) linguist, usually within software development projects, which allows me to combine my passion for linguistics with my IT background. Please refer to for more information.

For an overview of my work experience, please have a look at my LinkedIn profile, or contact me to ask for a copy of my cv.